Jim M.

Jim M.
Plant Manager at Skytron

We look for someone to get in the door and have potential to grow within the organization.

Joe V.

Joe V.
PreFlight Layout at Jarob

It’s a chance to start an occupation aside of just a job and to find a place I can grow with.

Adrian H.

Adrian H.
Machining Dept. at Nucraft

It was a pretty pleasant experience!

Latisha L.

Latisha L.
Machine Operator at Medbio

Fettig is not a temp agency, it is an employment agency.

Real People Real Jobs

We are the in business of matching hard workers, like you, with some of Grand Rapids most sought-after employers. To us, you are more than just another employee. We care about your interests and we can help match you with a company that needs your skills. You’ll quickly see we are not a “temp” firm, we help foster lasting relationships. Many of our positions lead to permanent careers where both the employee and the employer can grow.

At Fettig, we know that the right person matters and we think the right person may be you. Contact us now to find out.


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