But I don’t want to be “a Temp”!

September 6, 2013

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That is understandable. Very few people do. Unfortunately the term “temp” can have some bad connotations to it – and understandably so. The reason for the negativity is two fold: Large companies often maintain a “layer” of temporary workers to offset fluctuations in the economy. You run the risk of becoming a “perma-temp” in those situations. Even if you work hard, they just may not have enough permanent openings. It can also be hard to get noticed.

The other reason is high volume users of temporary workers on a seasonal basis. These are typically very low skill with a very low probability of being hired in.
Because both of those scenarios involve large companies with high volumes of people, there are a lot of people stuck in those roles or have experienced it. It’s why “temp” gets a bad name.
However, there is very good news about being “a Temp”!

Fettig is a small, locally owned business in Grand Rapids. We only service the Greater Grand Rapids area. The majority of our clients are small to medium sized businesses. They don’t have large Human Resources Departments that do all the hiring. Instead, they use us to find “the Right Person” for them. Our average customer only has 6 temporary workers at any one time – not 600!

These positions are Trial Hire or Temp to Hire. While we do have some seasonal positions, the majority of them are Temporary to Hire. Your goal and our client’s goal is the same! You both want it to be a full time, long term, permanent position with benefits!

Even better is that we never charge the applicant anything! Our client pays us for our services over the first few months while you are a Fettig employee (on assignment at one of our clients). Once you and the client have determined that the position is a good fit for you, you are transferred to our client’s payroll.

The last recession caused many businesses to reduce overhead by “outsourcing” many business functions. More and more businesses are using our services to help them find good people. If you’re one of them, go to our website at fettigteam.com and apply. You will be glad you did!

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